Making the complex simple.

Our Mission

Making complex accounting issues simple to understand for current and future users of accounting information.

For Executives

Powers shares her strategies for asking the right questions about financial statements and internal financial reports through her executive education courses and in customized finance and accounting training for numerous corporations and nonprofit organizations. Further, based on her co-authored research on the financial characteristics of High Performance Companies, she imparts a keen understanding of the 6 key financial statement numbers and the 4 essential ratios tied to value creation.

For Educators

Needles and Powers are active teachers who share their knowledge in many ways. These include authoring leading first-year accounting textbooks, publishing successful teaching strategies in Accounting Instructors' Report and First-Year Accounting Educator blog, introducing IFRS to US accounting classrooms, and presenting at accounting meetings, conferences and workshops.


The Needles Powers award-winning series is a leading family of first-year accounting textbooks. All our textbooks are published and marketed throughout the world by South-Western Publishing, a Cengage Company.